Volunteering at the Sanctuary
Are you looking for a meaningful commitment? The Sanctuary offers you the opportunity to give your time in living shared moments of mutual aid and assistance in the service of Our Lady of Lourdes.


You will share in the enriching human experience of self-giving: there are a large number of proposed activities in accordance to your availability, your skill set, your own wishes and the requirements of the Sanctuary. We will consider carefully and propose a corresponding service that best suits you.

C'est la première fois

Je suis déja venu(e)

L'inscription sera validée par le service Bénévolat.


There are certain criteria:
  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • Physical aptitude for regular work.
  • Commitment to a specific time period.
  • Be prepared to accept change in assignments and alterations to service as required.
  • Spoken French.


In volunteering, you must accept the challenge of meeting, of being attentive and participating in the mutual sharing and collaboration of all those being welcomed. To be a volunteer is to commit oneself to living in a spirit of fraternity and in committing particular attention to the 'little ones'

Join ‘Youth on mission in Lourdes’! 14 days… an experience that will mark your whole life!

Every year many young people from many different countries come to Lourdes. The Youth and Families Service of the Sanctuary needs young volunteers to accompany them on their pilgrimage. If you are between the ages of 18 and 30, you can offer your time, your heart and your energy in the service of pilgrims. ‘Youth on mission in Lourdes’ is a community life that incorporates fraternal life in an international context, prayer, formation and the opportunity of spiritual guidance.
Use your talents to serve pilgrims in the various Services:
  • Pastoral: accompanying groups of young people or families, leading prayer sessions (songs, music, displays, testimonies)...
  • Reception: Pilgrim information, evangelising in the Sanctuary...
  • Pilgrim assistance: at the Grotto, at the Baths...